Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Clever Title Related to Dubstep]

Since I've noticed a dramatic increase in views over the past week or two (or three), I've decided to throw up another post. Well, not actually throw up. But that would be cool if I could just drink a shit ton of (alcoholic beverage of your choice), stick my hand down my throat, and BOOM, out comes another ElectroDub post. If only life were that simple....
Anywhobie, here we go with the awesome electro & dubstep you were looking for. Why else would you be here? I hope you weren't looking for shitty electro & dub. For that, go check out some other blogs.

Bingo Players - Rattle (Candyland Remix)
First up we got dat largeness from Candyland. Pretty fat if I may say so myself. Yes, being fat and large is a GOOD thing in dubstep. And Candyland shares those qualities in both physical and musical form!

Getter - Ill Shit (Liquid Stranger Remix)
Liquid Stranger at it again for umptillionth time. This guy is a genius. Getter gave him a pretty good starting point, though. Fucking HUGE starting point, I mean. Hmm. Hmm hmm. Hmm

Alex Sin - Bounce (Dubstep Mix)
Catchy and bumpin'. Alex Sin paves his way through to the top with his high-class skills. Check his SoundCloud (please!)

ZXX - Bankai
Long song, but worth it. It will incinerate your spectacles. In the case that you are not wearing spectacles, I am sorry because you won't witness the cool effect. Let's just say that if I was your chemistry professor, and this song was an acid in a test-tube I wanted you to work with, I'd require safety goggles.

Doctor P - Tetris (Sinister Souls Scrambled Eggs Edit)
This is more insane than your most insane song. Well, that all depends on your definition of insane I guess, but we're not out to make you all little mini philosophers. We're here to scramble your brain! And that's exactly what Sinister Souls does with their Scrambled Eggs Edit. (Eggs=YOUR BRAIN DUH)

Seven Lions ft. Shaz Sparks - Below Us (Smooth's DnB Remix)
Late night banger. Top off your 3am set with this and watch everyone collapse to their knees. Wheelchair people are the only exception. Seriously this is an awesome tune. Get it. Great fuckin' vibes.
[Drum & Bass]

Savant ft. Twistex - Positive Vibes
Speaking of great fuckin' vibes, here's an absolute slap in the face from Savant & Twistex. It's a double-slap with that second drop.

Kelis - Milkshake (Savant Remix)
If you didn't know Savant before, you will know him now. Each and every one of his tunes is unique and has awesomely cool sounds.

Oh, and the Knife Party EP, in case you missed it. Which one person might have, so here ya go, person!: Rage Valley.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Psshh, come on, it's definitely NOT aliens trying to contact us...

"WUBWUBWOBWUBWABWABWUBWUB"...Could it actually MEAN something?

James Egbert ft. Brittany Egbert - Milky Way Wars
Speaking of intergalactic communication, here is some new spacestep for your ears. James Egbert's new album is absolutely phenomenal, and I mean that in the 'spaciest' way possible. Check it out, his sister even sings about a war going on in the Milky Way!

Skorby - Area 51
Continuing with the space/alien theme, Skorby sends a shiver down the spine with the epic orchestral intro, then crushes it with drop. And he doesn't say sorry.

LAZRtag ft. Dell Harris - Jump (Candyland Remix)
Ok, enough with the alien theme, it's beginning to creep me out. Here's Candyland going HAM like always on this new beat from LAZRtag. Lovin' the snare in their recent dubstep tunes.

MiM0SA - Block Party
BAM! MiM0SA wreckin' it. If there was one song I wanna hear live right now, it's this one.

Grimblee - Bass Tank (Point.Blank Remix)
Heavy, grimey, + groovy with a Luda sample. What more do you require of your dub??

SPL - Back At It (Teknizm Remix)
Big room dub. That little variation on the second drop really make this tune a 5/5.

Israel Cruz - Party Up (Bombs Away Remix)
Fuckin' bouncy tune with big bass and a nice dub drop in the middle. Def my favorite Bombs Away remix.

Barron - Heavyweight (JPhelpz Remix)
This 19yo phenom delivers the proper wubs, wobs, and screeches to your ears, all while tickling your toes at the same time. Yes, from head to toe, this guy's got you covered.

Lastly, where would we be without the immaculate Dillon Francis? His obnoxious FB statuses and obsession with cats gets us all through the roughest of times. We owe it to him to keep jammin' to his music. (You should buy it, actually!) But here's a taste of his newest:
Flux Pavilion ft. Example - Daydreamer (Dillon Francis Remix)

Sunday, April 29, 2012


We've gone through a 'March and April Hiatus' here at ElectroDub and want to make it up to you. I know we have at least a couple loyal followers, (and no, one of them is NOT my mom) and to you I apologize. Hopefully we can bring you the tunage you need to get through the end of the semester & final work weeks before the summer begins. Expect more posts!
Ok, off to the tunes!

First up we have Lucky Date making Dubstep & DnB. He turned a disappointing single into a not-so-disappointing remix.
Steve Aoki ft. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker - Cudi The Kid (Lucky Date Remix)

New Skrilly tune moombahfied to perfection
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Poisound Remix)

I know you've heard Party Rock Anthem a jillion times and all, but this remix goes too hard to pass up on.
LMFAO - Party Rock (Sync Fyller Remix)

Adam K makin' some hot electro house. I really have nothing more to say on the matter.
Adam K & JELO - EMP

Almost a year old, but still better than all of the 'new' shit you hear on the radio + most of present day's EDM.
You Killing Me - Hallelujah!

If this drop doesn't have you jumping up and down, then you should look for the culprit who cemented your feet into the ground. And I have yet to see somebody with no legs at an EDM concert, so I stand my ground on this issue (pun kind of intended). But, there's always a first for everything...anyways I think you get my point. Jam!
J-Trick - Rockit

Okay here's an older tune. Yes, I know Hall and Oates are old. I'm talking about the remix. But to this day, I still find it one of the grimiest tunes in dubstep.
Hall & Oates - Private Eyes (Drivepilot Dubstep Remix)

There are 2 main reasons why everything released on Pretty Lights Music is awesome: 1) Because it's awesome. 2) Because it's free. Now if that doesn't convince you, here's a taste of what's on Break Science's newest, 'Monolith Code' :
Break Science - Victory

Might as well just grab the awesomely free album, right? [LINK]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moombaholics Vol. 4

Alllllllrighty then.

Here are some moombah tunes (some old, some new) filled with gripping sounds for the whole family. From the latin-spice flavor to the speaker-crunching wobbles and wahs, Moombaholics Vol. 4 is arguably (with the pro-side being argued by me) the best thing in the whole world. Okay, it's not. But if there was a moombah playlist out there that could make your ass shake uncontrollably if you're a man, or make your balls tingle if you're a woman, then this is it.

 >     Moombaholics Vol. 4     <

Important Notes:

  • You're gonna have to download the whole pack, since not uploading them individually saves both you and me time (assuming you want all of them).
  • :DFace and Poisound make multiple appearances because their stuff is awesome.
  • Here is the tracklist for those of you too skeptical to hit the download button:

(in the order I uploaded them)
1. Beauty Brain & Poisound - Bullfighter
2. Save the Rave - Morbo
3. Schoolboy - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
4. OMG & ShockWave - Fight Dancing
5. LeDoom - Wangas
6. Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner - Devil's Den (Teriszega VIP)
7. Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)
8. Jeuce - As We Move (The Killabits Remix)
9. Nick Thayer ft. Wizard Sleeve - Like Boom (Nick Thayer Remix)
10. Big Boi - Shutterbug (:DFace Remix)
11. Torro Torro & Long Jawns - The Pump
12. Helicopter Showdown - Dramatron VIP
13. :DFace & Garret Hickey - Mad Man
14. Poisound - Babies Like Drug
15. Datsik - Light The Fuse

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Chill

Hey guys. Been a while since i've posted here at ElectroDub. Im sorry bout that. Im back though and with some chill jams. The focus of this post is the super-talented Blackmill. Im sure you've all heard his remix of Ellie Goulding's Your Song cover, but if you haven't. This is Blackmill's latest album, Miracle and its an awesome combination of dubstep wub, euphoric synths, and straight grooving beats. Appropriate for anytime of day. Check it:

Additionally, check out some of his more recent work here.

A sample for you:

 Ill be back soon with a list of my favorite recent bangers

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moombaholics Vol. 3's been awhile. Prepare for an onslaught of posts. I hope. Oh, here's some music that you hopefully haven't heard yet.

Yelawolf - Growin' Up in the Gutter (Kill The Noise Remix)
This one shoulda been up a loooong time ago, but was just waiting for the right moment to post it. Well that moment passed because I forgot about it so, my fault. Anyways, jam on!

*Previews for other songs is being addressed. Will have them up soon. Thanks*
K12 & The Clamps - GameOver
Probably shouldn't listen to this without the proper training. Training is surviving a moombahton/core concert because this goes pretttty hard.

Popeska - Electrick's Theme
New sounds from Popeska continue to be awesome. New beat, same sickness.

Zeds Dead - Adrenaline (Josh Miller Moombahcore Bootleg)
You can kinda tell this was put together rather quickly, but it doesn't matter. Remix still goes pretty hard.

OMG - Space Brothers
Yes. I love everything about this song. Keep dem eyes peeled for more OMG as well. They are insane.

Starkillers & Dmitry KO - Disco Fans (Dubsidia Remix)
Craziness from Dubsidia, as always, though this time in Moombahcore form.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Good Electrodub, please. Oh, and an order of Good Fries.

Kel probably doesn't know much about EDM (or does he?), but he can definitely show you a good time. I pretend to have both characteristics, so here's your electrodub for a good time.

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party - Antidote (Vonikk Remix)
[Electro House]
Nothing like the original. Which I like. The original had that annoying, never-ending wub/wobble. This...doesn't.

Revolvr - The Beat Goes On (Charles Deluxe Remix)
[Electro House]
Complextro at its finest. Party starter right here!

Mord Fustang - Lick the Rainbow (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit)
[Electro House]
With a slight BPM bump and a slightly 'break-ier' feel, this edit is really just icing on the cake.

Zedd ft. Champions - Changes
[Electro House]
Pretty groovin'. No complaints from me. Though this track feels a bit dragged out (7 min in length), it's a feel-good banger from start to finish.

John Williams - Duel of the Fates (The Noisy Freaks ft. Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)
[Electro House]
Remix of a classic Star Wars theme (obviously. You can read.) But TNF & DCB go hard in the mo fackin' paint on this one. They bring the sounds you're looking for.

Deaf Professor - Hold the Title
Really well produced track: switches in and out of Electro & Dubstep nicely, and has some insane keyboard riffs, with a nice solo for the last minute.

Cold Blank - 2012 (The Damn Bell Doors Remix)
The end of the world may be less than 12 months away, but at least we'll be there with this fresh tune from TDBB.

Now le Dubstep. These are the Good Fries I ordered. Eat 'em up.

Figure - The Werewolf (Bass Machines Remix)
How can this song get any better? Well, it can't. But Bass Machines do it justice and make this a head bobbin' tune.

xKore - Full Russian
What can I say? There isn't an xKore track that I don't like. This title track off his new EP only reinforces that!

Voodoo Science - Hyper Tension
That all-out dubstep for when you just don't give a fuck.

And if you're still unsure about how to dance to dubstep, you could learn a thing or two from Elmo. He knows best. Gotta be on the moon before you can start gettin' your freak on.

Oh, and fuck SOPA & PIPA.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Moombaholics Vol. 2

We've got that moombahcore fur sure. Check em out.

Nostalgia ft. Aami - Make That Drop
Groovin' moombah with hot female vocals about droppin' beats. What's not to love?

Fun track to get the night started right.

Helicopter Showdown - Falkor's Man Teeth
Really cool new sounds from Heli Showdown. I'm glad they jumped on the moombah bandwagon, and hope that they'll see it to the finish.

Popeska - Knives to a Gunfight
This kid can do no wrong. He makes a lot of moombah, and is happy to share his work.

Rednek - Game Over (Calvertron Remix)
This one's a bit older, but is still a contender.

Marvin Gaye - Heard It Through the Grapevine (Mista Black Remix)
Pretty interesting remix here. I like it. It's got the good wubs and wobs, so ya better get it!

And one more dub cuz I can bearly make it through the day without that bearstep.
Going Quantam & Stephen Walking - Full Grizzly (Spenca Remix)
Bitch bettah have mah honeyy!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kill N Chill Vol. 5

Hello fellow electrodubsters! Ice to see you! -_-

Bringin' back the Kill N Chill (in case you couldn't tell). I also have been neglecting my posts, so here is the culmination of what should have been my last 3 posts, condensed into 1. 

Zeds Dead - Adrenaline
Technically not released til the 23rd, Zeds Dead's newest Adrenaline EP is out on the internet, so here is the title track which I've been waiting almost a year for. So glad it's out along with Oh No, Hit Me, and the tune they open their live shows with, In The Beginning. If you can't find the EP, hit up the comments with your email. Thanks.

Mr. Wesh - Pyfhita
Mr. Wesh goes hard. That's a fact. All of his tunes are facemelters likely to leave you.....without a face...

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner - Devil's Den (Redial's Drumstep Orgy Remix)
Pretty crazy remix here. Give it a listen and maybe a download if you approve.

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Riotteck VIP)
I shouldn't have to introduce this one. Just download it. But if you must know, it's pretty insanely awesomely amazing.

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Poisound Refix)
[Drumstep/Drum & Bass]
This one is amazingly pretty awesomely insane. A totally different feel from the original.

Vaski - Hardstyle
Some brand new Vaski to surely make you wet. Apparently, his style can't touched.

Candyland - Prelude
The piano in this tune reminds of a play called "The Flight of the Goose." The dubstep part reminds me of the play "The Step of the Bro". I don't think either plays actually exist, but then again, I could be wrong about the latter. Seems legit.

EVERYBODY...CHILL!!!! Let's kick back and 'kick some ice' with these chill tunes.
Joe Garston - The Promise
[Progressive House]
Nice transition from the bass heavy dub to the chilled out house. It's got elements of both, so enjoy it.

William Fitzsimmons - So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)
NSFW: If you listen to its entirety, you might fall asleep. It's not boring, it's just....chill.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Pierre Hubert Remix)
This song is sooooo chill & carefree. Lovely vocals with a very catchy & laid back beat. But even then, the drop at 3min gets me groovin' every time.

Ratatat - Black Heroes
I know you may already have this album/track or have heard it. For you, this is a throwback. But for everyone else, this is a delightful tune surely to have you thinking back on your Pokémon days and when school was actually kinda fun.

Freeze in Hell! Until then, stay cool,
Gandalf the Green