Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Psshh, come on, it's definitely NOT aliens trying to contact us...

"WUBWUBWOBWUBWABWABWUBWUB"...Could it actually MEAN something?

James Egbert ft. Brittany Egbert - Milky Way Wars
Speaking of intergalactic communication, here is some new spacestep for your ears. James Egbert's new album is absolutely phenomenal, and I mean that in the 'spaciest' way possible. Check it out, his sister even sings about a war going on in the Milky Way!

Skorby - Area 51
Continuing with the space/alien theme, Skorby sends a shiver down the spine with the epic orchestral intro, then crushes it with drop. And he doesn't say sorry.

LAZRtag ft. Dell Harris - Jump (Candyland Remix)
Ok, enough with the alien theme, it's beginning to creep me out. Here's Candyland going HAM like always on this new beat from LAZRtag. Lovin' the snare in their recent dubstep tunes.

MiM0SA - Block Party
BAM! MiM0SA wreckin' it. If there was one song I wanna hear live right now, it's this one.

Grimblee - Bass Tank (Point.Blank Remix)
Heavy, grimey, + groovy with a Luda sample. What more do you require of your dub??

SPL - Back At It (Teknizm Remix)
Big room dub. That little variation on the second drop really make this tune a 5/5.

Israel Cruz - Party Up (Bombs Away Remix)
Fuckin' bouncy tune with big bass and a nice dub drop in the middle. Def my favorite Bombs Away remix.

Barron - Heavyweight (JPhelpz Remix)
This 19yo phenom delivers the proper wubs, wobs, and screeches to your ears, all while tickling your toes at the same time. Yes, from head to toe, this guy's got you covered.

Lastly, where would we be without the immaculate Dillon Francis? His obnoxious FB statuses and obsession with cats gets us all through the roughest of times. We owe it to him to keep jammin' to his music. (You should buy it, actually!) But here's a taste of his newest:
Flux Pavilion ft. Example - Daydreamer (Dillon Francis Remix)