Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Chillin'

Pretty Lights – I Know the Truth The truth is in the sound. Listen …harder. Bonnaroo 2011 is the place. Pretty Lights is the DJ. Few things compare.

Beat Grinder – Absolutely Wahr! huh! Yeauh! What is it good for? You only think you know. Watch Rare Earth go into the Beat Grinder and spin around to a beautiful Dublivion.

Helicopter Showdown & Boy Kid Cloud – Waiting Masterful collaboration.

Killabits – Hide You No, no hide me. No, mister hide no here. Noh, I have no many.

Feed Me – Pink Lady Pink Lady apples are delicious, just sayin’. Fuck, this Feed Me character is pretty serious.

Fast Foot - Race My Music (Freefire Remix) Hear ye! Hear ye! Sweet ElectroDub right here.

Dada Life – Unleash the Fuckin‘ Dada(Dirtyloud remix) SortaLoud. Overlyloud. Dangerouslyoud. DIRTYLOUD.
-“I’d say D. DIRTYLOUD”
-“Final Answer?”
-“You betchur ass it is.”

Da Chillest

FC Kahuna – Hayling Theivery Corportation aint got nothing on FC Kahuna.

Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (F.O.O.L's Chillout Remix)
When Dada Life dropped this in late March I was skeptical of finding a good remix. This is that remix.

Green Destiny's an up-n-comin DJ based in Princeton, NJ. Not even his best stuff, but surely chill enough for some Monday Chillin.
DL link's ^^^rite hur^^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primetime ElectroDub: Part II

Let's try some nice, relaxing ElectroDub

Boy Kid Cloud – Eyes On Me Serious dubstep anyone? Boy Kid Cloud delivers it to you on this one, the namesake of his new EP.

Ftampa – Colossus This is monstrous. Tearin’ up da club.

Feed Me – Strange Behaviour feat. Tasha Baxter Whole lot to enjoy with this one, particularly Tasha’s vocals make this one hit deep in your soul.

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (White Noise Dubstep Remix)
“This is some dank ass shit.” –Alex Trebek when I asked him about this song. Thanks to Nick I was able to ask him, and post it here.

K-Line – Lady Camasutra (Man’dee vs. iSquare vs. Zedd)
What do a Pole, a German and a hip hop/pop group on Diddy’s label have in common? They’re on this song!

K-Line - The Music Colossus (Freefire vs. Ftampa vs. Al Bizzare)
The components are there. The mix master is there. Check it peeps.

Sweet N Sour Mix of the Night

Nero – Promises feat. Sub Focus (Nero & Skrillex Remix) Doesn’t even come out till next week but who cares. Amazing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Primetime ElectroDub


Knight Riderz

Radiohead – Street Spirit (Knight Riderz remix) Dark as Knight. And Radiohead’s certainly dark enough by themselves.

Thunderball - Enter The Brahmin (Knight Riderz Remix)
Thievery Corporation meets Rusko.

The Aliens

The Aliens – Go Hard Glitchy dub from these extra-terrestrial newcomers.

Helicopter Showdown and Friends
(and friends of those friends)

Helicopter Showdown - Get Tuff
Supreme bass. If song descriptions were given in charade form: Grabs ear + 3 fingers up; 1 finger up + acts creepy/cuts smile from cheek to cheek in face; 2 fingers up + thumb & forefinger 2 cms apart; 3 fingers up + grabs ear; continually spins around. That’s who Helicopter Showdown sounds like on this track.

DAVR & Helicopter Showdown – This Sound Rock with these guys. Great collab

DAVR – Bass Slinger DAVR is a force to be reckoned with and here’s why. Sampling WTC helps his cause.

DAVR – Bass Slinger (Decoy Remix) It picks up where the last one leaves off, and doesn’t let you catch your breath. Sort of what you wanted Crank 2 to be.


Hirshee – So Good feat. Tonye Aganaba Sick, heavy basslines and awesome vocals that only Hirshee can give you. This is on Satan’s iPod, or at least that’s what they like to call LeBron outside of Miami.

Hirshee – So Good feat. Tonya Aganaba (Rico Tubbs remix) Rico Tubbs’ edit rocks pretty hard too.

Daft Punk - Solar Sailor (Pretty Lights Remix)
Pretty lights does a nice job with this track. Jam right here until the Identity Tour comes your way and you can see Pretty Lights live.

Doctor P – Tetris Let the nostalgia meet the wub. “Yeah, I have a meeting with the Bobs in a little while, could you just come back another time, I’m kinda busy.” –Tetris circa 1999

Throwback Tracks

Electrixx – Tetris This track’s an older take on the brick puzzle theme, but not lacking in quality by any means. Hard bass on this one; the second drop is exceptionally powerful.

Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Remix)
Not some bu’shit. The real deal.

Hall and Oates – Out of Touch (DJ Kue Remix) I’m shocked to be posting this BUT the plain truth is that it’s good, quality electro you don’t expect on your average Wednesday.

Sweet —and Sour— Mix of the Day

Kap Slap – E.T. feels Starry Eyed Some awesome samples on Kap Slap’s latest mashupsterpiece. I think this is all of them: (Ellie Goulding vs. Modestep vs. Bill Posters vs. Stellamara(NiT GriT) vs. Mary O'Hara vs. Empire Of The Sun vs. Passion Pit vs. Busta Rhymes vs. Xilent vs. Feed Me) Wow, idk how he meets his own standards of quality, but I always get a nice experience from Kap Slap. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More June Jams and Nice Basslines

The EP! We alluded to this beautiful bass as “coming up this summer” some time ago. Couldn’t be better timing if you’re down in the dumps about basketball or HBO shows being insane or even real problems. We’re here for you! Well, at the very least Skr
ill ‘N’ Friends have tunes that are:

Skrillex –First of the Year (Equinox) Gives validity to the notion that Skrillex eats souls.

Skrillex - Ruffneck (Flex) This song makes you feel like you’ve been friends with the ruffneck bass for years and they just called you out of the blue to invite you to a party with them. Go have fun!

Skrillex –Ruffneck (FULL Flex) Can’t spell his name without “Skill.” That’s not even the half of it.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix) Out—RAGE—ous! Dirtyphonics turn up the bpms to a classic and give it their own twist.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (The Juggernaut Remix) So intense. You might get a little DnB feel blastin’ your way. The Juggernaut makes the second drop his bitch.

Skrillex –Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Phonat remix) Spacy version.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix) Kaskade’s take on the track; great prog house version, duh, it’s Kaskade.

In Other (NON Penis-Photo-Related) News:


TMS ft Jagga - I Need You (Jacob Plant Remix) This track has considerable WUB.

Skrillex & 12th Planet –Moar Scary Monsters Not on the EP, but more than fire. My ears thanked me after, then smoked a cigarette.


Yoni - Turns to Gold A mashup of awesome proportion. Deadmau5, Ellie Goulding, Avicii and Lady Gaga all on this track. Enjoy!


Tonite Only – We Run the Nite Cheery children and a nice house bounce.

Tonite Only – We Run the Nite (Kenny Parkz Remix) Well OBVIOUSLY, we have a remix from Kenny Parkz. But really, it's a good track, lots of wobble.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dubbermost and the Temple of Bass

Electro + Dub = Powerful Ejaculate
Chasing Shadows – Amirah HARD DUB of another land.
Harvard Bass & Bart B More – Listen to This I want you to listen to this while it fidgets for awhile.
Oh my bass, these tracks rock hard! The following musical listenings are courtesy of the Parisian Bassmaster that is Uppermost.
Uppermost – System 32 Props to The Belgian for sending me this one.
Uppermost – Mainstreaminization You thought the first drop was hard?!
Uppermost – Biscuit Factory Biscuits are good, ‘cept for Seabiscuit —it was fucking boring.
If you likey Cake Shop is Dope ;)
Snoop Dogg – Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack Dub Mix) Epic sounds from three brilliant artists to close out the set.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Jammin

FC Kahuna – Hayling This chill song is perfect for a relaxing summer vibe on a hot night. Enjoy.

Rusko – Hold On feat. Amber Coffman (Sub Focus Remix) Done quite ‘ard by Sub Focus. Serious dub from across the pond.

Kraddy – Steppin’ Razor Glitch Hop that keeps your head bumping through all of its many glitches.

The Wombats - Techno Fan (Afrojack Extended Club Remix) I knew I was a techno fan.

Zedd – Dovregubben Serious stuff from the 19 year-old.

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) More Jacks than a movie about pirates. Much better supporting cast too. Hollywood most certainly has more to offer.