Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primetime ElectroDub: Part II

Let's try some nice, relaxing ElectroDub

Boy Kid Cloud – Eyes On Me Serious dubstep anyone? Boy Kid Cloud delivers it to you on this one, the namesake of his new EP.

Ftampa – Colossus This is monstrous. Tearin’ up da club.

Feed Me – Strange Behaviour feat. Tasha Baxter Whole lot to enjoy with this one, particularly Tasha’s vocals make this one hit deep in your soul.

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (White Noise Dubstep Remix)
“This is some dank ass shit.” –Alex Trebek when I asked him about this song. Thanks to Nick I was able to ask him, and post it here.

K-Line – Lady Camasutra (Man’dee vs. iSquare vs. Zedd)
What do a Pole, a German and a hip hop/pop group on Diddy’s label have in common? They’re on this song!

K-Line - The Music Colossus (Freefire vs. Ftampa vs. Al Bizzare)
The components are there. The mix master is there. Check it peeps.

Sweet N Sour Mix of the Night

Nero – Promises feat. Sub Focus (Nero & Skrillex Remix) Doesn’t even come out till next week but who cares. Amazing!

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