Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Clever Title Related to Dubstep]

Since I've noticed a dramatic increase in views over the past week or two (or three), I've decided to throw up another post. Well, not actually throw up. But that would be cool if I could just drink a shit ton of (alcoholic beverage of your choice), stick my hand down my throat, and BOOM, out comes another ElectroDub post. If only life were that simple....
Anywhobie, here we go with the awesome electro & dubstep you were looking for. Why else would you be here? I hope you weren't looking for shitty electro & dub. For that, go check out some other blogs.

Bingo Players - Rattle (Candyland Remix)
First up we got dat largeness from Candyland. Pretty fat if I may say so myself. Yes, being fat and large is a GOOD thing in dubstep. And Candyland shares those qualities in both physical and musical form!

Getter - Ill Shit (Liquid Stranger Remix)
Liquid Stranger at it again for umptillionth time. This guy is a genius. Getter gave him a pretty good starting point, though. Fucking HUGE starting point, I mean. Hmm. Hmm hmm. Hmm

Alex Sin - Bounce (Dubstep Mix)
Catchy and bumpin'. Alex Sin paves his way through to the top with his high-class skills. Check his SoundCloud (please!)

ZXX - Bankai
Long song, but worth it. It will incinerate your spectacles. In the case that you are not wearing spectacles, I am sorry because you won't witness the cool effect. Let's just say that if I was your chemistry professor, and this song was an acid in a test-tube I wanted you to work with, I'd require safety goggles.

Doctor P - Tetris (Sinister Souls Scrambled Eggs Edit)
This is more insane than your most insane song. Well, that all depends on your definition of insane I guess, but we're not out to make you all little mini philosophers. We're here to scramble your brain! And that's exactly what Sinister Souls does with their Scrambled Eggs Edit. (Eggs=YOUR BRAIN DUH)

Seven Lions ft. Shaz Sparks - Below Us (Smooth's DnB Remix)
Late night banger. Top off your 3am set with this and watch everyone collapse to their knees. Wheelchair people are the only exception. Seriously this is an awesome tune. Get it. Great fuckin' vibes.
[Drum & Bass]

Savant ft. Twistex - Positive Vibes
Speaking of great fuckin' vibes, here's an absolute slap in the face from Savant & Twistex. It's a double-slap with that second drop.

Kelis - Milkshake (Savant Remix)
If you didn't know Savant before, you will know him now. Each and every one of his tunes is unique and has awesomely cool sounds.

Oh, and the Knife Party EP, in case you missed it. Which one person might have, so here ya go, person!: Rage Valley.