Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Chillin'

Pretty Lights – I Know the Truth The truth is in the sound. Listen …harder. Bonnaroo 2011 is the place. Pretty Lights is the DJ. Few things compare.

Beat Grinder – Absolutely Wahr! huh! Yeauh! What is it good for? You only think you know. Watch Rare Earth go into the Beat Grinder and spin around to a beautiful Dublivion.

Helicopter Showdown & Boy Kid Cloud – Waiting Masterful collaboration.

Killabits – Hide You No, no hide me. No, mister hide no here. Noh, I have no many.

Feed Me – Pink Lady Pink Lady apples are delicious, just sayin’. Fuck, this Feed Me character is pretty serious.

Fast Foot - Race My Music (Freefire Remix) Hear ye! Hear ye! Sweet ElectroDub right here.

Dada Life – Unleash the Fuckin‘ Dada(Dirtyloud remix) SortaLoud. Overlyloud. Dangerouslyoud. DIRTYLOUD.
-“I’d say D. DIRTYLOUD”
-“Final Answer?”
-“You betchur ass it is.”

Da Chillest

FC Kahuna – Hayling Theivery Corportation aint got nothing on FC Kahuna.

Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (F.O.O.L's Chillout Remix)
When Dada Life dropped this in late March I was skeptical of finding a good remix. This is that remix.

Green Destiny's an up-n-comin DJ based in Princeton, NJ. Not even his best stuff, but surely chill enough for some Monday Chillin.
DL link's ^^^rite hur^^^

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