Sunday, February 27, 2011


Wow. Hope ya had a good saturday. Now time for some quality hw. well, first off:
fuck that.
secondly, I'm on fuckin' break so im not lettin up just yet. fuck alayall!! dig these tunes to keep the weekend goin' yo!

Im not lettin up, and neither is Vaski. Fav producer at the moment (well, besides flux & the almighty zeds dead) anyway, i hope this EP fucks up your weekend ;)

Vaski - Hurricane EP we posted the 'Lost My Mind Electro VIP Mix' here awhile back, but check the original dub plus the mind-fucking 'Game Face'

OH SNAP!! - Plus Size Model (Jakwob Wobble Edit) yet another dub to spin your brain all the way down to the floor...sorry :)

Stellamara - Prituri Se Planinata (NiT GriT Remix) wow. played on big speakers, this will destroy you

flux is so effing good. mad props to every flux production made. both of these remixes are absolutely mental.
Flux Pavilion - Voscillate (Roksonix Remix)
Flux Pavilion - Voscillate (Vaski Remix)

Flux Pavilion - Hold Me Close will get stuck in your head. again, sorry :/

Ganja White Knight - Purple Star kinda old, but so fucking good. if you listen to all of it, you'll hear like 3 different songs...trippy i kno

Benga - Transform i haven't been reppin benga like i should, but here's a classic. if you listen closely, each 'ribbit'-sounding part is different each time. sick to jam to.

Okay i know that's a lotta dub. once again, i sorry. so here's some electro....+ it's dub mix! >:) its not to be ignored. check it!!
Far Too Loud - Bass Association (Original Mix) say the first thing that comes into your -white. up? -down. bed? -sleep. attack? -BASS!
p.s. second drop :O
Far Too Loud - Bass Association (Torqux Re-Fix) now let's start again...

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