Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Frattys Day

Yooo it's Thursday, March 17th. More importantly: St. Patty's day. Get that drink on and jam to these tunes while you mingle and tingle. (tingle?) Live it up

Dubba Jonny - All In Hell yeuh. Summer feelin' dub.

The Dance Party - Sasha Don't Sleep (Pance Party Remix) "It's what she lives for...." yo sweet chill vibe that turns into hard electro real fast. watch out

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West - Supernova (David Branch Remix) Sgt. Fupa recommends this track. do NOT pass up on this chilled house tune

Zedd - The Legend of Zelda Too good. nuff said. buy it on beatport when it comes out on the 21st. maybe there'll be a lil more dub on that version ;)

and some dub to go/get hard to...

Twist - Master Debater

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