Friday, May 13, 2011

Wild, Wild, Weekend

Wilder than a wildebeest. Yeah, it's beest. Get over it. =O check'em

Culprate - Trench Foot We don't fuck around.

Katy Perry - E.T. (Naxx Dubstep Bootleg) though yet another E.T. Remix, this one is in a class of its own. Yes, it's wild.

The Dream - Take Care of Me (Figure Remix) an absolute royal re-fix.

We Bang - Smash the Floor Lots goin' on here. All good things, of course.

Cool Project - I Need You heavy elekkkktro

Kaskade & Haley - Dynasty (Dirtyloud Remix) heaviER electro

Yeeeeeeeee. The Killabits. From their new Hard Feelings - EP with PM Records:

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