Thursday, October 27, 2011

Copious Amounts of Bass & NugZ galore!


Smarty – Hit Me as hard as it can!

Helicopter Showdown & Calvertron – Drop it Again! Just some new stuff they’ve been working on, nbd.


Brookes Brothers - In Your Eyes feat. Johnny Osbourne a la Liquid Stranger dub jam

NiT GriT – Dimethyltryptamine Bassic hallucinogen.


SubZ EP This guy is gonna be HUGE! Friend of the blog, friend with benefits of the bass! Check it out. Personal fave is Boss Drap, but all are awesome; he really knows how to produce music, man. Let us know what you think!

NugZ – Goosebumps Theme (NugZ remix) Something spooky for you with the holiday coming up and what not.

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