Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cockblock-Blocker Dubstep


Sidney Samson & Steve Aoki – Wake Up Call (PeaceTreaty Remix) Good mooooooorning, beautiful people! Let’s get started.

Omega – DADstep I feel funny. AAAHH!

Cyberoptics – Pimpin Play me some, man. Surely helps with the bitches B)

N.E.R.D. & Daft Punk – Hypnotize You (Nero Mix) I will do your bidding.

Mark Instinct vs. Greenlaw – Go In Peace (Dubstep Remix) Let’s ride.

Shayning – New York Dreams Skrillesque sound, chill as fuck.

Messinian - Holy Ghost (Helicopter Showdown and Sluggo Remix) What a ride.

Drughead – Caps (White Noise Remix) Rawer than red meat.

Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Nero Mix) No one interrupts. Polite. So Ghetto lol

Skream – CPU The PC from hell.

Subvibe & Fusion – 30 million Crazy, great sample.

Chizzle – South Dub Too perfect?

Saturday Night Remix

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