Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Duub


Pixel Fist – Our Sound (Dubsidia Remix) This is our HEAVY ASS DUBSTEP sound.

Fugative – Supafly (Tek-One Remix) I’m so real and you don’t know.

Skrillex – Scatta (feat Foreign Beggars & Bare Noize) As if I had the clutch on the magnum.

Vexare – Firing (Cyberoptics Remix) Fire! Fire! Fire away!

Laid Blak Red (Chasing Shadows Remix) I’ve been burnin’

Lil Wil – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix) Illness

Fatboy Slim – Rockafeller Skank (J.Rabbit Bootleg) Sweet spin on a classic.

Spor – Pacifica (Chasing Shadows Remix) Trippy as the reputation Chasing Shadows has.

Audio-Spektics – Dubstep Santa 2 (Dark Mix)


FuntCase – So Vexed Why would I be?

FuntCase – Mattress Punch Straight Dubstep

Old School Complimentary Jumpstyle

DJ Coone – Words From The Gang Shows No Age

Isaac vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends Holla at ya Normz

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