Saturday, April 2, 2011

Audio Abuse

Allow me to introduce my friend, HARVARD BASS, 21, reppin' for the very classy San Diago.
Harvard Bass - Caked Mmm. Cake Shop is Dope as fuck, but get Caked... nomnomnom.
Harvard Bass - Pruno A little more chill than his other stuff, but that is in no way a bad thing.
Acid Girls - Lightworks (Harvard Bass Remix) This was the one that won me over.
Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix) It sounds like this song was remixed in the depths of Donkey Kong Country.

Afrojack - Replica One of the best parts of the Carl Cox tent, let alone Ultra as a whole, so enjoy.
Afrojack - Doing It Right New jam from Afrojack that will not let your body rest.
Empire of the Sun- We are the People (Stephan Jacobs Remix) What a song, what a remix.
Skrillex - Equinox Another SKRILLEX great.

Sorely missed at Ultra. Hope he had fun playing MM with 4 other people. I would have loved to go wild to this one, and plan to: Calvin Harris - Awooga
I highly recommend these men's music to any of you who dares believe that the time of Swedish House has ended. When involuntary dance movements took advantage of me, I was happy that John Dahlback was the responsible party.
John Dahlback - Kairo Sweet track. Please leave negative comments if you can come up with them.
John Dahlback ft. Basto - Out There Club love for this one.

Some artists really killed it at Ultra (i.e. the ones above^^^) DADA LIFE, imho, have the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. So masturful. This preview video will make you fall in love: Fight Club is Closed Teaser A Spinal Tap reference, what?!

Dada Life - Fight Club is Closed (It's Time for Rock and Roll) This song rocks. Hard. Harder than hard.

Dada Life - White Noise / Red Meat Just in case the first track here isn't enough for you, have a second serving with some red meat.

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