Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Jams

Listening to some ElectroDub tracks on National No Pants Day.

Download the tunes below and join the festivities this May 6.

Some jams for you and your friends.


A jam u gotta put on repeat. It's that good. Props to my boy Adam for this one. *Must download*

Not hard electro but a club killa

This remix blends house and rock perfectly. End result is an electro jam. *Link is <320kbs. I highly recommend looking for a better quality version*

Dub (Or wub to some)

Add big speakers n stir. Volfstep

Massive track. The original mix was cute. This one is the polar opposite. *Must Download*

Dillon Francis uses those high pitched wobbles to create a track that sounds like Flux Pavillion but is still unique.

Nothing new here but if you havent heard it you MUST DOWNLOAD. No excuses. *Must Download*

Extra Track

Im not a huge fan of mashup artists or their work but this is Kaskade and he DESTROYS this mix. Yup another -> *Must Download*

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