Monday, August 1, 2011

Deathstars and More!

DeathStar: A sick dubstep collab between MartyParty and Minnesota. They are rockin' and have just begun. They've got some FRESH tunes.

DeathStar - Funk Soul Right about 2:00 is where I toss my cookies.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep (DeathStar Remix) huge track. lovin all of it.

So you might as well just pick up their "future bass" EP Ultraviolet Halo for FREE.

Haydn Hoffman - How Hard Can You Go I told you to keep an eye on this guy. He's goin' big. And he goes pretty damn hard.

Dirty Rich - Stun I hope you like climbing steps, cuz that's what this sounds like, all while shredding up the staircase with a chainsaw as you go.

More DUB
Excision & Liquid Stranger - Get to the Point (Oblivion Remix) whaaaattt? now THIS sounds like the end of the world...

Mord Fustang - A New World with the song above ending the world, Mord shows us a whole new one. By way of dubstep.

Dubsidia - Beautiful Waste of Time whole new level of electrodub

Dubsidia - Don't Tell It dub, then electro, dub, then electro. no time for a mindfuck. these guys don't play around.

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