Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EDMU: Electro Dub Music University

Bassive – Massive Bass (Bad Family Recordings Radio Edit) Snazzy track for you guys to start off your school year, if that’s your thing. Major French twang to it. ;)

Coburn – We Re-Interrupt This Program Rock your asses off.

Dubsidia – Kill Humans (Dirtyloud remix) Methodically drops all over you.

The Juggernaut – Good Grief

Matt & Kim – Cameras (Alvin Risk Remix) Heavy, heavy, and more heavy.

Cyberoptics – Kong FYI, Cyberoptics is on the BassMonster tour w/ReidSpeed & FS, which comes to South Florida 9/9/11; see y’all there.

Big Chocolate – Stuck Up Fuck Up I said roughstep for a reason, and capslocked ‘ROUGH’ because of Big Chocolate.

Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground 90s trip-hop I just found. Sounds vervey, and swervey.

Daedelus – Order of the Golden Dawn feat. Laura Darling Bossanova, in a nutshell.

Daedelus – A Bloodworth Worth it.

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