Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Electrodrug & Dubsidia

The ever-rising bass connoisseurs from Spain, Dubsidia, have pumped out another EP. This one is the same old Dubsidia style with a slick layer of Teriyaki sauce rubbed on top. Would make a for a great dubstep sandwich. Or something.
Enough. Click on link, download, and profit. $$$$$
Dubsidia - Spanish Rave Solution Album Part 1
That's what it's called. No Part 2. But I don't think you'll need a Part 2 with these to beat off to :X

ElectroDub's Drugstep - a collection of songs in which it might be better to listen to them at a later time ;)
Rye Rye ft. Robyn - Never Will Be Mine (Kill the Noise Remix)

Afghan Headspin - Stand Up (Dubsidia Remix)

Tommy Lee & Figure - Pounds of Blood

Excision & Downlink vs. Datsik - Existence vs. Reploid vs. SouthPaw (Womprat's Drumstep Megamash)


  1. can someone please fix the link to this!):

  2. sorry man, it was taken down. missed it! send me your email and i'll get'em to ya ;)

  3. nee link plz :) nicos31@hotmail.fr

  4. please email me the link as well, anton.weers@gmail.com

  5. can i have the link too please? daaywick@yahoo.com

    much appreciated

  6. Sent (to all) Let me know if you didn't receive em.