Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Bangers

Got an assortment of club bangers for you guys to sample. Enjoy!

Simple, yet awesome house tune. Its got booty swinging potential!

Intro, vocals, and drop are sublime! Epic dance must right here. Club set necessity

Ok, so I lied when I claimed I was done with KATB. What am I supposed to do when they make BANGERS like this. You should really check them out. This guy will not fail to impress. Another club set necessity.

Euphoric, uplifting vocals leading into electro grind. Sing-along banger

Saved my favorite for last here. Ton!c has recently vaulted into my current top 5 favorite sounds. Hes got this combo of electro n dutch house that just KILLS it. Guaranteed Booty Bumper. *Must Download*
Check out Ton!c here. Highly recommend taking a peek.

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