Tuesday, November 22, 2011


(^^boring picture^^)
The Originals? Great.
Their Remixes? I don't want to piss anyone off, so I'm going to say they're...different.

You be the judge of whether or not they do the originals justice! Let us know! Okay:

Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Mavrik Remix) 
I can't help feeling this song has it all. And sorry for blue font, this is a re-up since the old link died. Try finding it without our link! >_>

Cobra Starship & Sabi - You Make Me Feel (Noir Remix) 
Crazy brostep drop that even grandma will enjoy!

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Bassjakt Remix)
That second drop gives to me the wub I seek and more. Again, sorry for blue color. Another re-up.

Avicii - Levels (FTampa Remix)
[Electro House]
Hey look! Another re-up! FTampa brings the bass & wobble to the already popular Tim Berg production.

Foster the People - Helena Beat (Rather Red Hold On Tight RRRemix)
[Electro House]
Banger. Better not have an egg tied to the bottom of your foot on this track. The intro will make you forget about the egg, and the drop will make you tap your foot, thus crushing the egg and having to clean it up, causing a great annoyance and inconvenience. So, just double check.

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Eborall's Moombahcore Remix)
You blocked me on Facebook, and now...blah blah blah we've heard it. But moombahfied?! Will def have you bangin' your head to this one.

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)
Funky & fresh! Watch out for that double drop as well!

Doctor P - Big Boss (Arahal Breaks Remix)
Arahal gives this modern classic a new feel. He also does the same for many other tracks which can be found on his soundcloud

Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (iNexus Remix) [Dubstep]
More of an edit than a remix, but still a nice fresh sound to it.

A-Ha - Take On Me (PELUSSJE Sketchstep Reboot) [Tolgar Take This Revamp]
WARNING: Breakstep. But if you don't like/don't want to open your mind to breakstep, then you should check out just Pelussje's version here

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Builder Remix)
[Moombahstep ~ 100bpm]
An old classic given a Mid-Tempo rework. Plus wobbles + bass of course!

Ke$ha - Blow (Nostalgia Back Door Bootleg)
"Back door cracked...don't need a key" You probably could have chosen better lyrics, Ke$ha...unless...no. No, it couldn't be. Most girls hate it up the butt. Well, she is an Animal. Hmmm...I wonder if other animals enjoy a back door visit. Turtles, sea lions, ostriches? Who knows. Maybe this a question for the Philosoraptor...

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