Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dope Dub & Enhanced Electro

Murdok & Davr - The Crook like being tackled into a pile of dirt on a rainy day, and landing face first.

DJ NVS & Miami Ski Team - Miracle (AFK Remix) argh argh this is heavyyy. it's got everything you want from dubstep

Downlink & Datsik - Sting if this doesn't get heads bobbin', then they're probably dead. check the pulse.

Daladubz - Wrath weird guy, weird style. But it works.

Kannamix - Blap posted some shit from this guy awhile back, and he's now on the rise. Keep and eye out. seriously though.

Document One - New Danger huge drop.

ELECTRODUB (is it electro? or is it dubstep? well, it's both, foo)
Virus Syndicate - Talk to Frank (J. Rabbit Remix) you can say no, you dont have to get high its cool. but I got flake, blues, MDMA and Peruvian nasal fuel...YEUH!

Adam Tensta & Billy Kraven - Scared of the Dark (MyBack Remix) this track is such a tease. But don't worry, by the end you WILL nut everywhere.

Mart815 - Halostep absolutely insane electrodub track. fav tune atm, though it helps I'm an avid Halo fan. SLAYER!!!

Computer Blue - Game Boy (PrototypeRaptor Remix) wait for the 2nd drop. sick shit!

Jus Jack - Clap Your Hands (Jus Jack Electro Surprise Remix) tehe. club banger with a sick last drop :O

Alex Kidd & King Kornelius - Milk & Cookies banger from beginning to end.

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Natty Rico Sax Rework) sick sax solos everywhere and a nice rework of a drop to top it off

Keep Ravin'

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