Thursday, September 15, 2011

DUBSTEP?!?!? + ELECTRO?!?!?!

No. Way. Fucking rage to these tracks. Or chill if you're one of those kids that chills at ragers.

Virtual Riot - Transmission classic buildup with a not-so-classic drop. It' huge.

Jeuce - Flavour (Bare Noize Remix) been out for awhile, but is too good to pass up.

Katy Perry - Firework (Max Venus Dubstep Remix) hahaha oh god. this song is awesome.

Borgore & Adi Ulmansky - Someone Elses (Document One Remix) insane rave buildup. and a drop to satisfy everyone from the casual listener to the brostepper.

Porter Robinson - Spitfire to to convince you to download this...ummm, IT'S CRAZY

Daladubz - Warsaw Butcher dirtier than....than....than shittin' on your hands and then clapping.

Coyote Kisses - Baby, You're a Blizzard Brightens your day. It just does.

Black Lips - The Drop I Hold (Kill the Noise Remix) Kill's got some hot tracks. this is one of em.

Far Too Loud - Hear Dem Style props to my man DasCrazy for this one, who unfortunately could not be with us today.

Excision & Downlink - Swerve off the hook, this one :)

Faustix - Sequencer (Wallem Brothers Tykke Polse Mix) one word: yes.

My boy NugZ doin' it big. Check out his tunes, they are funky fresh and full of that wub I know you all crave.
NugZ - Get Over Here I could brush my teeth, do my enviro hw, or walk my dog to this shit. But most importantly, I could fucking RAGE to it. FIGHT!

NugZ - Boogie Monster Are you afraid of the boogie monster?!? I am. A little.

Say Hi - November Was White, Winter Was Grey (NugZ When the Winter's Gone Dubstep Remix) Fav of them alllll. Better add this guy to your playlists.
So I like gifs. What of it?

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