Friday, September 30, 2011

Silly and Chilly

Some straight silly dubstep to melt/warp your mind. But don't let the silliness win. Dubstep always wins.
Supreme Selecta - I Like Turtles :P

KickShifta - Leeroy Jenkins :D

Mr. Wesh - Oops I Fucked the Cat :O

Bratkilla - Methamphetamine :X

NiT GriT - Mr. Herman :^)

well, well, well. time to break it down. chillstep.
Dream - All Things to All Men (Kannamix Remix) so chill you forget about....everything

Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (Murdok Dubstep Remix) it picks you up and places you somewhere far, far away. somewhere....chill

Bon Iver - Calgary (Azedia Remix) dark quiet room + close your eyes + jam = wake up and you'll feel much better. should be a scientific formula or something.

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