Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cookie Monster Hates Finals....and Fruit

^^How I feel when I'm taking my finals...
It's okay, Cookie Monster, you can have Santa's.

Zeds Dead - Ruckus the Jam 
Yeah, soooo ummm. We gave you a preview of it last week, so you already know how huge this release is. Electrodub banger from DC & Hooks. It would be wrong of us not to put this up!

Delta Heavy - Hold Me 
Off their incredible 2 song EP Overkill / Hold Me. This is some more electrodub to jam to.

Robyn - None of Dem (K12 Electro to Dubstep Remix) 
Seems like all the French producers I encounter lately know their shit! This is no exception. Expect more from K12

Tim Ismag - Club on Fire 
Haven't heard even an average release from this magnificent Russian. Big ups.

E-Cologyk - Tin Man 
This track is a dream come true. Nice chillin' vibin', yet destructive dubstep.

Captain Panic! - Aiur (VIP Mix) 
it's got the wobbles. it's got the wiggles. it's got everything you need to make you feel like an earthworm trapped on a ceramic patio on an exceptionally sunny day.

Candyland - Panda Bear 
[Electro House]
Crazy electro with a dabble of dub there at the end to make you think twice...also, Candyland will be at Revolution Live on the 23rd for those of you willing to make the drive. Mord Fustang will be there as well, so you better go!!

Shout out: Drewlong whutttttt

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