Monday, December 26, 2011

Superb Samplers, Dope Drops and Remixed Rippers

Dubstep Intro (Dub • step)

—n. A genre of music derived from dub, reggae, and ambient styles mixed with Step House, which of course was invented by Dr. Gregory House, creating a subgenre of house music characterized by wobbling basslines and overused, recycled 42 minute plotlines. Just kidding, that’s only the show.

Magma Kum-Fucking Nasty Magma Kum’s a new producer featured on the blog. Hailing from the boot of Calabria, he brings the noise harder than Enur’s world famous “Calabria”. Here’s another example of Italians demonstrating their rampant sexual obsession, some awesome old 50s-ish Italian samples, boss tempo changes and most importantly that the bass is strong with them. He shows you fucking nasty ;)

Shift Four, Dirtyrock – More Unfamiliar feat. David Reed (Candy Land Remix) This will become much more familiar to you in approximately 2-4 minutes from the moment you start to play it. Candy Land doesn’t play.

Electro* (El • ec • tro)

—n. Bass music that also has deep roots in house, wobbling basslines, but is, in many ways, the more coordinated, popular older brother to dubstep’s disjointed, fuck-the-world, murderous drop mentality.

Felguk – Bassive Also blessed with bumpin’ bass, this Felguk guy knows how to use it! ;) His package is soooo Bassive!

Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker
An unrelenting dancification machine from the Swedish maestros. I LOVE these guys, and this is just another reason as to why. *Electro House if we want to get technical.

The Grimiest Stuff II

Magma Kum - Kuming Over This is a naaaaasty one from the Italian.

Tyler the Creator - Yonkers (Barbaric Merits SwagBass Remix)
One of the dirtiest raps that came off Tyler the Creator’s first album, Bastard, which he self-released on December 25th two years ago, just got dirtier and we’re bringing it to you this Christmas. Barbaric lyrics, and Barbaric Merits both just kill on so many levels. This is a mad track that reminds us the meaning of Christmas: sharing something that already existed, but was slightly changed to get more people to like it… yep, sounds like Christmas, enjoy ☺

Irish Step – Crush (The Noisy Freaks Remix) A lot of electro, a heaping helping of dubstep and a pinch of disco and of course, the dreaded Chemical X.

The After Christmas ElectroDub Everything Must GO! Sale.

Originals (Electronic music gifts)

Pryda - Mirage
Classic Pryda-style long buildup, prog house masterpiece.

The Glitch Mob – Bad Wings The old-school grime-style dubstep we all love to hear ‘round this time of year.

& Edits (rewrapped gifts)

Kap Slap - Paper Towels! (Deadmau5 x Lazy Rich x Britney) Typical Kap Slap slappin some samples together seamlessly and sweetly.

Mord Fustang - A New World (Ipaneema Vocal Edit) A worthy vocal mix of an ElectroDub favorite.

Pryda vs Empire of the Sun - Mirage the People (Seb Sapet bootleg) A great bootleg by Seb here, some awesome lyrics sampled from Empire of the Sun’s We Are the People melds perfectly with the Pryda Miragesterpiece I mentioned earlier.

Skrillex – Bangarang feat. Sirah (Pockx Extended Edit) BANGarang is the name for a reason. And the Pockx Extended Edit does some serious damage itself. #thatsjustice

& Edits of Edits (and regifted gifts)

Kap Slap – Paper Towels in Motion (Skrillex Edit) The former From First to Last frontman drops a little spin on an already crazy(as usual) Kap Slap mashup. Great edit of an edit.

Chill (Clearance Rack)

Pretty Lights - Wayfaring Stranger (ft. LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Standley)

De-Phazz – Cut the Jazz By the decree of De-Phazz it was done, the Jazz was cut. And so the people rejoiced for the chilling that ensued was plentiful.

Nightmares On Wax – You Wish
When I realized that this was the melody for Finally Moving by Pretty Lights (which uses the same vocal sample as Avicii’s Levels, and Flo Rida’s Good Feeling coming originally from a 1962 Etta James song) it totally blew my mind. Super laidback vibe. I guess nothing is sacred, or if it is, it can be changed to be sacred for a bunch of other people.

Indie Hip-Hop Mash-Upalooza Whathaveyou (that crazy awesome gift that only you have)

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks (The Hood Internet Remix feat. Hollywood Holt) Foster the People laid a great foundation for musical exploration with this hit, Hollywood Holt’s flow… well, flows, therefore, the mix is dope. Hood Internet have that awesome Indie Hip-Hop Mash-Upalooza Whathaveyou breezing down from the windy city. I’ll keep these guys comin.

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