Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kim Jong-ilectrodub

Who's dressed for the winter and ready to drop some electrodub beats?
Kim Jong-il is! Or, he was. It was said he had a heart attack after listening to a few of these tunes. Check em out, and I hope they serve you better.

These are 'older' tunes. But I'll get some fresh tunage to you by the end of the week. In the meanwhile, jam to these.

Bassex - Sex Drive (Dubsidia Remix) 
My guess is this was where the Supreme Commander clutched his chest. Hearing Dubsidia makes people do crazy things.

Flux Pavilion - Voscillate (Dave Dialect Remix) 
Some wub that will satisfy your electrodub needs.

The Damn Bell Doors - Whah 
I've never known if their name is related to Dumbledore or not...and that makes me sad. The not knowing part. Whah. #FWP

Jomekka - Death & Destruction 
Sick ElectroDub. He's got that synth wubbling and wobbling all over this one.

Haydn Hoffman - Lower Than a Basement 
Some heavy as dub to melt even a snowman's brain on a very chilly day. Or maybe a cat's.

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