Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!


Kannamix - Cherry Popper [FREE] by Kannamix It pops what it says it will pop.

Chasing Shadows – Dr. Sin Not an easy genre to be unique in, but Chasing Shadows doesn't do things the easy way.

Underworld - Born Slippy (Culprate Remix) This is one of four songs in this post that are here to remind us how great our fearless later Kim Jong Culprate is. A living legend, ElectroDub would be a dark place indeed without people like Culprate.

Culprate - Trenchfoot (Bong Remix) There is very little I have to do to promote this song. It just does the job itself. So check out that Bong ...remix.

Modest Mouse - Cowboy Dan (Bold Equation Bootleg Remix) Modest mouse ...bumpin through the speakers?? Yes indiedie

Christmas Spirit

BogTrotter- Nutcracker Christmas (Dubstep Remix) Just a tad ;)


Angus And Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Rickyxsan Remix) Gotta lay off the jamming? Too bad; here comes more.

Fast Foot - Party-X (Speaker Killer 9) (Original Mix) You should probably consult a doctor before you listen to this. I'm convinced it gave me a heart condition.


Mochipet –Beats Ballet (feat. Ray Barbee) Vacation vibes. Fo free.

Lovage - Book Of The Month This sounds like the intro to a porno in a distopian future where everything is a musical. But the melodies are sweet and you can still kick it with this.

The Grimiest Stuff

KillaGraham - More Than Anything (Original Mix) Going back to basics. Heavy Drop Warning!

Chasing Shadows - Ill (Original Mix) Mothafucka, you know.

Tasha Baxter – Journey (Culprate & Twist Remix) So HUUUUGE! An epic, symphonic triumph of classic dubstep. It sounds ...Ravenous. Yeah...

Megalodon & Conscious Pilot - Gangsta Shit (Culprate Remix)Kick it! ElectroDub, Moombahcore, Chillstep, whatever you want, just take it and love it.

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